RiverStreet Networks is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities served by bringing fiber optic technology directly to homes and businesses.

Fiber powers a lot more than just your computer.  With speeds up to a Gig, a fiber reliable connection provides all the bandwidth you’ll need for gaming systems, thermostats, Smart TV’s, refrigerators, cell phones, tablets, and of course computers.  The upload and download capabilities of a fiber optic connection will give you super-fast file transfers, lag-free gaming and the ability to seamlessly stream multiple HD shows from multiple devices using your favorite streaming video provider like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

While our goal is to bring fiber service to as many rural areas as possible, there’s a lot of preparation needed before we begin with construction. If your home or business is not in an area that currently has access to fiber, we offer an Internet plan up to 12 Mbps. We know that’s not going to be enough bandwidth to support your needs into the future and that’s why we’ve created a process to register your interest in bringing fiber optic technology to your home or business through our website. When construction is ready to begin, we’ll update the status of your zone (area) and notify you. General information on fiber construction progress can also be viewed by visiting the “Service Updates” tap at the top of the web page.

For more information on services available in your area please call a Sales and Support Representative at 844-238-0131.

Introducing    our new data only symmetrical plans!

OPTi-Fi plans are only available in fiber areas






1 GIG - 1000M/1000M





OPTi-Fi Plans Include:

  • No Contract
  • Unlimited home phone service
  • Free long-distance calls
  • Advanced wireless routing system
  • Free 24/7 Toll-Free Technical Support
  • Local Speed Test
  • Unlimited High-Speed Internet Access
  • Cooperative Community Partner Discount (must qualify)

Bundled Plan Options:

Residential Phone Plan required. Packages shown below are upload/download speeds.























Additional Options

WireGuard – $5.00

WireGuard is a protection plan, which is offered with all Internet services, for $5.00 per month. This plan includes repair and replacement of faulty inside wiring and/or modular jacks due to normal wear and tear,  and all service charges associated with a RiverStreet Networks’ technician coming to your home or business to diagnose issues found within the standard inside wiring and/or modular jack. WireGuard does not cover a service call charge in the event your trouble is found to be in your telephone equipment.

*Certain restrictions apply.  A maintenance service agreement may be required with wireless networking.

Wireless home networking allows you to wirelessly connect to your existing High-Speed Internet connection. You will also have the option to a direct Ethernet connection through the four wired ports on the wireless router. Imagine the freedom and mobility to use your computer or wireless device in any part of your office.

*Certain restrictions apply.  A maintenance service agreement may be required with wireless networking.

Fiber Plans


Copper Plans


The Lifeline Program reduces the monthly bill for Local Telephone Service and Broadband Service for low-income customers.

Who Qualifies?

Current recipients of Medicaid, Food & Nutrition Services (Food Stamps), Federal Public Housing or Section 8 Assistance (FPHS), Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Pension, a Tribal Program, or if the household income is at or below 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines you may qualify for the program. There can only be one Lifeline Discount per household. Having multiple discounts could result in the loss of one or all discounts.

How to Apply for this Program?

Click Here

Read more about the Lifeline Program here. 

Above plans offered in certain areas and certain requirements may apply. Above rates qualify only for bundled services with a 12 month agreement* or a standard connection fee* per service. Certain restrictions apply, call office for details.  An “Early Termination Fee” will be assessed if the term length of the Service Agreement has not been met. The “Early Termination Fee” will be the remaining balance on a contract. Early Termination does not apply to Month to Month agreements. *Standard Termination Fee – Fee of $199 per service for the connection work made between switching equipment and the customer’s Network Interface Device located outside of the customer’s residence or business. This work can be performed with or without making a premise visit depending on the network configuration.