January 17, 2017

7 Ways to Improve Your WiFi

  • Reset your router

One of the most common solutions to all tech related products is to reset them every once in a while. Sometimes routers can be overloaded with information or sometimes a specific action might dramatically slow your device down. All this requires is removing the power source for a minute, return it, and restart.

  •  Check your signal strength using your smartphone

Take a couple minutes to move around different areas in your home or office to see where your signals have the most strength.

  •  Find the perfect spot in your home for your router

Walls, metal and other electronics can weaken WiFi performance. Be sure to place your router in an open area with the antennas pointed upward. Also, try to place the router in a central location of your home or office.

  • Be sure there is no interference

Microwaves, smart TVs, and other appliances can also interfere with signals. Keep your router as far as possible from other signals.

  • Upgrade if necessary

If your router is older, it may simply be time to replace it. If you have a smart TV, new laptop, or other newer technologies, the cheapest router out there may not be the best option.

  • Cover your space in WiFi

For a large family or an entire office of people, one WiFi router will more than likely not meet your needs. There are different whole-home WiFi systems on the market. One device plugs into your modem and any additional devices will automatically connect, forming a blanket throughout your space.

  • Update your router

Just like your smartphone, many routers have specific updates that are released by the manufacturer. Visit the brand’s website for instructions.