July 29, 2016

Back-to-School Tips!

Parents, we know you are just as excited (if not more) for your little ones to head back to school this fall. Some of you may be seasoned vets when it comes to the back-to-school process, and some of you may still be trying to get the hang of it. Here is a list of tips that might make the transition into the school year a bit easier on you and the kids.

1. Meet the teacher
Most schools have an annual orientation or open house. These meetings can make it a lot easier for parents and students to get warmed up to this year’s teacher in a less formal environment. Use this times to ask questions and break the ice. After all, they will be spending almost every day with your little one!

2. Tour the school
If your child is starting at a brand new school this year. It will be very beneficial to take a general tour of this school. There is less of an intimidation factor on the first few days if your child’s new surroundings look familiar.

3. Use the supply list
I’m sure most kids would agree. One of the most fun things about heading back to school is all of the cool new stuff you get! Most supply lists are developed by your child’s school or even their specific teacher. Help send them to school with confidence, knowing that they have exactly what they need to be successful every single day.

4. Take time to develop a routine
Summer schedules usually tend to be more relaxed. We don’t have to wake up as early and there aren’t as many things to do in the morning before we head out. Try to plan your morning routine as much as you can, but be prepared for the unexpected. No biggie. Just adapt and change your routine accordingly.

5. Set sleep schedules a week before the first day
Transitioning back to school sleep schedules may not be the easiest thing. Practicing a week or so before can help your body make the transition a little bit easier.
Find more back-to-school tips at PBS.org and Care.com. We wish you all the best of luck this year!