June 7, 2016

Benefits of Home Security Systems

With the arrival of summer, families look forward to fun activities like travel and outdoor barbeques. Unfortunately, this is also a prime-time for home invasions. Keeping your family safe is a top priority, and if you are on the fence about whether or not to invest in a home security system, take the following list of benefits into consideration.

1. Protect your valuables
This is one of the key reasons most people look into home security. Systems can pay for themselves fairly quickly when protecting irreplaceable valuables on a daily basis.

2. Deters Crime
If an intruder knows that a home is protected by a security system, it can drastically decrease the chance of the home being broken into, as well as the homes that surround it. This helps ensure that your neighborhood is a safe place for everyone.

3. Allows Remote Access to Your Home
Home security companies have certainly upped their game when it comes to monitoring your home while you’re away. Some providers allow you to monitor your home by phone through cameras. There are also other cool features you control like the thermostat, lights, and even lock your doors.

4. Lowers Home Owners Insurance
Having a security system in your home can lower your monthly homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%.

5. Keeps Tabs on Kids
As mentioned before, if you have a provider that allows you to monitor your home via cameras and video, you won’t have to wonder who your kids are bringing over. You can also lock and unlock the doors in your home so you never have to worry about your kids losing their keys again.

6. Peace of Mind
Investing in a home security system gives you that sense of security that every homeowner wants to have. Protect what’s yours without having to worry about losing it.

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