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RiverStreet Networks and Dinwiddie County have joined forces to bring faster internet to your area!

The partnership between Dinwiddie County and RiverStreet Networks is a significant first step in the plan to provide broadband access to residents and businesses in Dinwiddie County, VA.

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In an effort to provide high-speed internet to unserved and underserved rural areas, RiverStreet Networks provides a fixed wireless solution to customers living in select rural areas.  Not in our current service area?  Don’t worry, sign up to let us know your interest.  As projects are complete we will notify you of expanded service areas.


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Who is RiverStreet?

For over 65 years, Wilkes Communications and RiverStreet Networks has helped families stay connected with loved ones and the world around them. What started as a residential telephone cooperative based in Wilkes County North Carolina has expanded to become a leading provider of high-speed broadband internet focusing on serving rural unserved areas. The 2018 acquisitions of People’s Mutual Telephone Company (Gretna, VA) and Gamewood Technology Group (Danville, VA) was the start of our initial presence of RiverStreet Networks in Virginia.  Our People’s Mutual networks service area includes Gretna, Hurt, Renan and our Sandy Level exchange in Pittsylvania County. Our Gamewood Technology Group coverage area consists of the City of Danville and parts of Pittsylvania County as well as other parts of rural Virginia.  The combination of these companies and our most recent acquisition of SCS Broadband in 2021 will allow us to expand our relationship in Pittsylvania County and help us to achieve our mutual goal of providing more rural communities with broadband connectivity. Demand for high-speed broadband has never been greater and this partnership and landmark project will lift up and improve service in countless households in unserved areas. It will help to bridge the digital divide and keep rural communities competitive and vibrant through not only Pittsylvania County but throughout rural Virginia as well.

Dinwiddie County, VA

Dinwiddie County was formed May 1, 1752, from Prince George County. The county is named for Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, 1751-58. However, the first inhabitants of the area were in fact Paleo Indians, prior to 8000 BC. They are believed to have been nomadic hunter-gathers following animal migrations. Early stone tools have been discovered in various fields, within the county. The county raised several militia units that would fight in the American Revolution. Dinwiddie County was the birthplace of Elizabeth (Burwell) Hobbs Keckly who worked for Mrs. Jefferson Davis and later Mrs. Lincoln as a free black dressmaker; Thomas Day, later at Milton, NC well noted there as a free black cabinetmaker and within the state of NC and southern VA; and Dr. Thomas Stewart, perhaps America’s first free black 18th-century rural physician.

“High-speed, reliable broadband at home is critical for work, healthcare, and education. Surveys show the need for internet access is at an all-time high.  We are working together with your county officials to bring faster internet to your area.”

-Eric Cramer
 CEO, RiverStreet Networks

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Dinwiddie County