March 29, 2017

Does Anyone Still use Desktop Computers?

In 2017, why would anyone need to use a desktop?

For majority of the population, smartphones are the number one way that the internet is accessed. After smartphones, laptop computers are heavily used since they can be used just about anywhere. But, are desktops a thing of the past? Maybe not; Here are a few benefits to using a desktop computer.

You can upgrade parts, instead of buying an entirely new computer.

If your laptop starts to slow down significantly, chances are that you probably need to buy a new one. Even if only one part is slowing down the entire system, you have to buy every part of the laptop new. With a desktop, you can either have someone replace important parts, or do it yourself.

You get more for your money

A lot of times, laptops and desktops with similar features can cost the same amount of money. The biggest difference between the two is that the processor and the graphics processor are more powerful in a desktop computer. Desktops may be more beneficial to those that do a lot of photo and video editing.

Powerful desktops cost less than powerful laptops

Full-sized versions of parts used for desktop computers are more powerful than laptop versions. A self-assembled desktop with equivalent parts as an expensive laptop can be about $500 cheaper.

You can still use a laptop, but you don’t need an expensive model

With one main desktop, you could still own an inexpensive laptop to use for light work or internet browsing.