RiverStreet Networks is happy to announce a new initiative in an effort to bring an advanced fiber network to meet the growing demand.  RiverStreet Networks is proud to partner with North Carolina Electric Cooperatives to make fiber internet available in areas that both demand a robust fiber network and are under-served.

RiverStreet Networks and your electric cooperative are both excited for the opportunities and the potential this will bring to the areas that are under-served when it comes to a robust fiber network.  Because the partnership has a strong local foundation, we understand the unique wants and desires of each of your communities. We will strive to provide your community with a reliable, affordable, fiber internet option, all while trying to empower each community we serve.

RiverStreet Networks is a subsidiary of Wilkes Telephone Membership Corporation, a cooperative business with a mission of serving its members, just like the electric cooperatives.  RiverStreet Networks has a long history of collaboration with the state’s electric cooperatives, and this partnership will expand that relationship and achieve the goal of providing more rural North Carolina communities with broadband connectivity.

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We are at it again! Building a next-generation fiber-to-the-home network in several neighborhoods all across the state. With this fiber network, we are proud to introduce our suite of top-of-the-line services called OPTi-FiOPTi-Fi is the confluence of the most state-of-the-art fiber optic network and some of the fastest speeds available in the country. Businesses and residents in our serving area will have access to broadband speeds up to 1Gigabit. that’s 1000Mbps!

What is Fiber?

Fiber optic is a state-of-the-art technology that uses bundles of glass threads to transmit information as light signals.  A fiber optic network has the ability to carry much more information than traditional copper wire networks.

In copper networks, information is passed along as electrical signals, which can cause interference within the bundle of wiring.  The light signals in a fiber do not interfere with other fibers in that bundle allowing for clearer phone conversations, faster internet connections, and sharper TV reception.  Because fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provides the fastest internet available, you can transfer large packets of information quickly and with ease.

Overbuilding a copper network with a state of the art fiber optic network takes time and planning.  RiverStreet Networks is committed to ensuring that you have connections to the things that matter most.  With speeds of up to 1 Gig available on an all FTTH network, you will soon have access to a very impressive and celebrated digital life.

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