June 21, 2016

Extreme Internet Ads!

Internet advertising has become something that plagues us all while surfing the web. Yes, there are ad-blockers, but the downside of those are that they can block ads that may be helpful to you. Ad-blocking has been around for years, but before recent years, the problem typically occurred on desktops.

A new app, Ben Choice, claims to block ads within mobile apps and even some Apple applications.
Due to the increasing number of ad-blocker users, publishers and advertisers have turned to sponsored posts/ paid advertorials. Instead of users having to view this content, they now had a choice to engage in the advertisement or view it altogether. Due to the different nature of these ads, ad-blockers have a much harder time recognizing them as advertisements.

Internet ads have become so bothersome, that people absent-mindedly close and/or block ads without a second thought. “Consumers don’t interact in the way you would like them to, many will see educational pop-ups as additional advertising,” said Jordan Whelan, from Grey Smoke Media.

Framestr is a new ad network platform that allows users to view information and even make purchases from a pop-up window. Advertisers are being forced to find new and much more organic ways of customer outreach, which is a process, but has worked very effectively for some. As times and generations change, advertisers and publishers will have to continuously come up with new ways to appeal to consumers and keep them engaged in their message.

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