Fiber is coming to your home!

What does this mean for you?

Faster internet, of course!

Our Fiber network can handle whatever you throw at it.  So, get your devices ready.  We are going to connect you to the best the internet has to offer and we have the experience you can count on.

Exclusive savings coming soon!

We value our customers and appreciate your patience while waiting for the Fiber overbuild in your area.  Unique deals will be available for you as your services are moved to Fiber Optic plans.


“Fair Bluff, we appreciate your patience. We’re excited to announce that RiverStreet fiber is headed to your home.”

-Dale Gore, Network Services Technician

Here is a glimpse of the prep work to ensure fiber connectivity to every home.

Fiber Build Phases

What to expect from us while you wait

Phase 1

Place Fiber

The main fiber line will be placed along your street.

Phase 2

Fiber Drop

The dropline will be brought to your home.

Phase 3


The dropline will be connected from the outside of your home back to our office.

Phase 4


RiverStreet will contact you to start the upgrade process by mail and by phone.

Phase 5


An appointment will be scheduled to install the new connection inside your home.

Fair Bluff Fiber Cutover Updates

Route Progress

Route 1 – Phase 3

4/7/2021 Update:

Fiber splicers are in this area! Sales & Support Representatives will be contacting customers along this route soon to start upgrading your existing equipment to a fiber network.

Route 1 - Phase 3 (Splicing)

Route 2 – Phase 1

4/7/2021 Update:

We have started construction in route 2! You will see our crews throughout the neighborhood digging the fiber at the main road.

Route 2 - Phase 1

Route 3 – Phase 4

3/25/2021 Update:

Our customer service representatives have been busy contacting customers in Route 3 to start your order process for a new Fiber-to-the-Home network!

Route 3 - Phase 4

Route 4 – Awaiting Construction