Fixed Wireless Plans

*Special offers may apply, contact a SSR for more info.  Internet speeds may vary. An additional $5 recovery fee is required.

Fixed Wireless High-Speed Internet

No Data Limits.  No Throttling.

In an effort to provide high-speed internet to unserved and underserved rural areas, RiverStreet Networks provides a fixed wireless solution to customers living in select rural areas.

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The Process

Using the latest technology, we provide Internet without the hassle.


Contact our office at 844-238-0131 to verify you are in a serving area.  A Customer Service Representative will then create an order for your service.

Signal Test

An expert technician will find the best place to install the wireless antenna for the best signal.


The radio transmitter is tuned to ensure the strongest signal. Once the signal is tested, a technician will install a wifi router inside your home to connect your devices to the internet.

How it Works

1. Access Point Tower – Internet is hooked directly to our Network Operations Center and travels over our “backhaul,” which is a point to point wireless link to our Access Points, which then sends a wireless link to the antenna.
2. Radio Transmitter – An antenna is installed outside the home, providing internet to the router inside your home.
3. Connected Home – A Wi-Fi signal will be broadcasted to all your home and office devices such as laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more!

*Certain restrictions apply.  Speeds are not guaranteed. Speeds vary due to the nature of the service provided and offered up to the noted amounts. Not available in all areas. Free Standard Installation. No contract. Non-Standard installation fees apply.  $5 recovery fee applies.  Loyalty discounts may be available.  Paperless billing is required or a $3 monthly service fee for paper invoices.  Automatic payment required.  NO CONTRACT = NO ETF