November 2, 2016

How to Make this the Easiest Thanksgiving Yet!

We found some information from Real Simple that might help you or someone you know with the “dreaded” task of preparing and hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year!

1. Print out a blank November calendar
Fill out your meal planning in advance. Expecting deliveries? Have to pick up a ham or turkey? Mark this all on the calendar so there’s no way you’ll forget and everything will be on time!

2. Make a grocery list on November 1st
Plan, Plan, PLAN! If you already know what recipes you will make, go ahead and start shopping for non-perishables now, and shop for everything else closer to the day. You can save money and save yourself the hassle of pre-Thanksgiving grocery store rushes.

3. Empty the dishwashers and trash containers the night before
The last thing you’ll want to worry about is trying to put away dishes while trying to clear the table. Also, keep extra trash bags in the bottom of your bins for convenience.

4. Prepare as many things in advance as you can
Some dishes can be prepared and refrigerated or frozen until the day of. Also keep in mind anything that will need to be peeled or sliced before it’s ready to be cooked.

5. Make your own breakfast!
Have easy breakfast items on hand so that all house guests can grab whatever they need without extra mess in the kitchen. Granola bars, fruit, and muffins are all good ideas.

6. Use square/Rectangular Pans
You’ll be able to get more dishes in the oven at one time, and sometimes round dishes can be just plain awkward!