July 19, 2017

How To Make Your Hot Dog Healthy

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, here are a few ways that you can enjoy a classic frank without enjoying all of the unhealthy extras that come along with it.

1)Lay off on the salt.

‘Light’ and ‘fat-free’ may seem to be the healthier option, but they are usually worse than regular franks. Manufacturers typically replace extra fat from the dogs with more sodium and additives. Instead, try looking for brands that contain 370 mg of sodium or less. Trust us, they’re out there.

2) Saturated Fat

Stick to less than 3 grams of saturated fat when reading the nutrition labels. Poultry options tend to be more leans, Veggie options have the least amount of saturated fat.

3) White Bun

White bread/buns tend to be almost 100% carbohydrates-no fiber. Not to mention, white buns usually have the lease amount of flavor. Instead, use whole wheat buns. They contain triple the fiber of white buns and more flavor!

4) The ‘famous’ foot-long

As appealing as they may be, try your best to stay away from jumbo, bun-length, and foot-long hot dogs. They usually contain more of everything including calories, fat, and worst of all, sodium.


The majority of popular hot dog toppings add even more sodium, fat, and sugar to what is already contained in your hot dog. Opt for healthier options like veggie toppings or salt-free herbs and spices.