July 11, 2016

Is Social Media REALLY necessary?

Thirty years ago, there were only a few ways that people could advertise their business and even themselves. Newspapers, seminars, magazines and television commercials, just to name a few. In most recent years, internet advertisements have become a huge deal and are the new norm for advertisers and publishers. There are now even internet trackers that learn what products are most interesting to you based on your web searches and the sites that you visit, to make the advertisements you see more relevant to you.

Although these ads are oftentimes effective, there are large numbers of people that find out about products, services, and even their daily news, via their social media timelines. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become a one-stop-shop for everything news and culture related. All of these platforms have introduced sponsored advertisements, and are they are available for any business to buy and develop an advertisement that can be targeted towards their specific demographic.
Posting on your personal social media accounts is easy, but in order to increase brand value for yourself or business, a more strategic approach may be beneficial. Use this link from SocialMediaExaminer.com to learn the “20 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros.”