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Are you ready for lightning-fast internet speeds? RiverStreet Networks and King and Queen County have partnered to bring you lightning-fast internet speeds! In 2019, RiverStreet Networks and the County filed a successful joint application with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) funding. Using capital funds as well as grant funds from King and Queen County, VATI, and the FCC CAF II program, RiverStreet Networks has initiated construction in the County to build a Fiber-optic network. There are multiple phases to the project, with an estimated completion date within the next two to three years. This fiber network will make faster speeds possible, meaning you can enjoy up to 250 Megabits per second internet speeds in your home or business. 


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Fiber Build
Process & Updates

It can feel like a lifetime when you’re waiting for something you really want, and we promise Fiber-optic internet is worth the wait. Our goal is to bring you Fiber Internet service as quickly as possible, but there is a lot of preparation that takes place before we can connect every home in your area. This map shows zones that are under construction (blue) and zones that are in service (green).

Green Zone is now complete and our fiber internet service is now available for several locations. Construction for Gray Zone is underway and is progressing at an accelerated pace. We are now taking pre-orders for certain locations within this zone.

If your address isn’t available for pre-order at this time, sign up using the form above and we will contact you as construction comes closer to your neighborhood.



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*The above chart shows each colored zone’s estimated progress to completion per phase.  Each phase is a combination of numerous tasks that must be completed before services are available.  Phases/tasks are not always completed in the same order and progress can be made in each phase simultaneously. The time frame of completion in one zone will not determine the time of completion of another zone.  Weather and other factors will alter the duration of the Fiber build process.