Fiber Internet Service is HERE!

Are you ready for lightning-fast internet speeds on a completely upgraded network?  RiverStreet Networks and the County filed a successful joint application with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI) funding in 2019.  Using capital funds as well as grant funds from King and Queen County, VATI, and the FCC CAF II program,  RiverStreet Networks has started the FTTH build-out of the County. There are multiple phases to the project, with an estimated time frame of three to five years for completion.  This fiber network will make faster speeds possible, meaning you will be able to enjoy up to 250 Megabits per second internet speeds in your own home. 

All residents interested in getting fiber-based Internet service to their home or business should register below.  Registering does not obligate you to sign up for services. 

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 New data only symmetrical plans!

No Contract | Advanced Wireless Routing System | No Data Limits
*Additional $5 recovery fee is required with all internet plans.

*Above plans are now available in sections of King and Queen County Va.  Please check our Fiber Build Update page for more information about services coming to your neighborhood.

Fixed Wireless Options Currently Available

Packages shown below are download/upload speeds. All services are not available in all areas. 


Fixed Wireless Packages:











Maintenance Service

WireGuard is a protection plan, which is offered with all Internet services, for $5.00 per month. This plan includes repair and replacement of faulty inside wiring and/or modular jacks due to normal wear and tear,  and all service charges associated with a RiverStreet Networks’ technician coming to your home or business to diagnose issues found within the standard inside wiring and/or modular jack. WireGuard does not cover a service call charge in the event your trouble is found to be in your telephone equipment.



Wireless Routing

Wireless home networking allows you to wirelessly connect to your existing High-Speed Internet connection. You will also have the option to a direct Ethernet connection through the four wired ports on the wireless router. Imagine the freedom and mobility to use your computer or wireless device in any part of your home.

So much of your Internet experience depends on a reliable WIFI connection. Flaky wireless routers can cause the signal to drop out or even slow down the connection speed. That’s why we eliminate your frustration by providing our advanced WIFI router free of charge with Fiber Plans.


Who Qualifies?

Current recipients of Medicaid, Food & Nutrition Services (Food Stamps), Federal Public Housing or Section 8 Assistance (FPHS), Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Pension, a Tribal Program, or if the household income is at or below 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines you may qualify for the program. There can only be one Lifeline Discount per household. Having multiple discounts could result in the loss of one or all discounts.

*Certain restrictions apply.  A maintenance service agreement may be required with wireless networking.

The above plans are offered in certain areas and certain requirements may apply.  OPTi-Fi plans are not available in all areas.  All speeds are not available in all areas. Certain restrictions apply, call our office for details.  An “Early Termination Fee” will be assessed if the term length of the Service Agreement has not been met. The “Early Termination Fee” will be the remaining balance on a contract. Early Termination does not apply to Month to Month agreements. *Standard Termination Fee – Fee of $199 per service for the connection work made between switching equipment and the customer’s Network Interface Device located outside of the customer’s residence or business. This work can be performed with or without making a premise visit depending on the network configuration.