March 22, 2017

Lock Your Smartphone!

With all of the news reports about data leaks, technology hacks, and data seizures at international boarders, it seems that majority of smartphone users would be highly protective of their device security.

Reports have surfaced that show this may now be the case.

The Pew Research Center’s results showed that a lot of Americans do not take this small, yet effective, measure to protect their personal information.The findings were based om a study that surveyed 1,040 people. Of the 1,040 participants, 22% admitted that they do not make it a priority to update their devices.Updating your device is important, and companies develop these updates to make sure users information is protected by the most current security software.

Pew Uni Infrographic

Please take these simple and quick steps that can save you a lot of headache and trouble later on.