February 21, 2019

Managing Your Online Reputation

In business, bigger isn’t necessarily better.  There are advantages to being local, including the ability to provide service that is truly personal.  Local businesses can better monitor what customers are saying about them and use the information to improve the services they provide.  They can also use social media to foster strong connections that lead to better customer interactions.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to effectively use the tools available to you to monitor your online presence.


First, monitor the internet for information about your company.  Do a search for your business name and see what comes up. Also, set up a Google alert for your business name and any product brand names; Google will send you daily or weekly email messages containing online mention.  


Content can be added in the form of new pages on your website, press releases, articles, and posts on other sites.  In addition to adding new content, you can ensure your site is ranked as high as possible by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.  


Keeping the interests of your customers in mind, determine whether a public or private response is more appropriate.  Whether positive or negative, look for patterns in customer comments and use them to guide the future direction of your business.


Participate in social media to establish relationships and a reputation as an expert.  In addition to offering opportunities to connect directly with customers, strong relationships on social media sites make false information less likely to be believed.  Use social media functionality to discover when your company is mentioned on these sites.