Phone Services

With SIP Trunk service, customers now have the ability to get phone service no matter where they are located. SIP is a voice over internet protocol that uses the internet to send and receive calls in a similar fashion as a traditional landline. The only stipulation is having an adequate internet connection to ensure the highest standard of call quality. Most basic internet connections will provide enough bandwidth for multiple SIP calls to take place. Clients can use this service in many ways. They can use their existing phone system and add a VoIP gateway to send calls out via SIP which will result in significant savings as opposed to their higher-priced existing phone service. Customers can also use our IP phone system and benefit from a combination of traditional analog calling as well as SIP calling to add flexibility to their business operations. For instance, if a customer has multiple locations they can have one phone system and add SIP trunks at another location and only pay for the secondary internet connection. They can combine their multiple phone bills into one bill with SIP trunks and a Positron system.

  • Keep the existing phone number
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Access to most popular calling features
  • One provider for service & equipment
  • Mobile capability
  • More flexibility, less money


E911 Waiver