Place Fiber Along the Road

This is a major step in bringing OPTi-Fi fiber to your area. We will build the main fiber line down the street first, connecting it to our network.  It is just like a roadway system where each neighborhood feeds back to the core fiber connection and out to the world.

Fiber Drop

After the fiber has been placed along the road, our crew will bring a fiber line from that main line to your home. The team will plow a small slice from the curb to the side of your home, burying the fiber line as they go. You should expect little disturbance to your yard.


RiverStreet Networks will contact you by phone and mail to upgrade your services so that you can get the most out of your fiber connection.  The quicker your plan is upgraded, the quicker you will be connected to lightning fast internet.


Once the order has been placed, a Technician will connect the Fiber line to the outside of the home.


This is the final step in the construction process. RiverStreet Networks Technicians will make an appointment to install the fiber connection inside your home. This includes switching all services from your current copper connection and ensuring all your existing services are connected properly with your fiber speed.


What does fiber construction entail?

First, our engineers go through an extensive design process, which includes what routes to take, materials needed, budgeting, approvals and timelines. Once the plan is set, crews will begin building in phases. Fiber construction is comparable to building a roadway system; we first build along main roads, then the feeder lines into individual homes and businesses come next.

How can we get RiverStreet OPTi-Fi fiber built in my neighborhood?

Register at By registering your address, you are expressing your interest in having Internet service provided by RiverStreet Networks. Once we have enough interest expressed in a specific area, our engineering team will review what’s needed to build there. There is a large amount of work and expense required to bring fiber optic Gigabit service to a neighborhood. The more people registered in your area, the more likely we are to bring OPTi-Fi Fiber to your door.

How can I be among the first connected in my neighborhood?

Register on Once an area is approved for construction, we will contact you to finalize your order. Our ability to expand is contingent on having enough orders to proceed.

What if I don’t sign up now?

While our construction crews are building in your neighborhood, installation is free. Once construction is completed, there could be an installation fee. You can certainly sign up at a later date, but there may be an additional cost.

Will this construction affect me if I don’t plan on getting service?

We are committed to providing OPTi-Fi fiber services to every home and business in your area. That means we will be on your road and near your home, even if you are not yet ready to sign up for service today. However, by signing up now, you’ll ensure your home is future-proof and you have the services you deserve.

Why are there paint lines in my yard?

Good news! You’re one step closer to fiber. This means that utility companies have indicated where their lines of service run to your home. That way, when we begin installing fiber to your home, we can avoid those lines.

How can weather affect the project?

While we will do our best to work around weather changes, weather can disrupt our work. Heavy rain, lightning, snowfall, or sub-freezing temperatures can cause dangerous conditions for our crews or delay us from making progress.