September 26, 2016

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Online shopping has quickly become one of today’s most appreciated conveniences. Some people are addicted to it, and others still shy away simply because some don’t think it is a safe option when it comes to spending money. Well, just like anything else, it has its pros and cons.

• Time: With online shopping there is no need to get dressed, there are no long lines, and you don’t have the added expense of gas to get to and from your shopping destinations.
• Wider Selection: We’ve all been in this situation: You find something that you like at a store, they don’t have your size, so they need to call another store to check their inventory. With online shopping, you have access to the entire store inventory at the tip of your fingers. You won’t have to regret a wasted shopping trip because of a shortage of sizes.
• Better deals: A lot of businesses provide the same or better coupons than they do in-store. Some purchases may even qualify for free-shipping which will save you even more money.

• Try before you buy: In-store you can touch your items and maybe even test them out or try them on. When online shopping, you are relying solely on item descriptions and reviews.
• Scams: This is probably the number one reason that a lot of people do not shop online. A lot of bigger brand websites to have security features in place to ensure buyers that their personal information stays safe and is only used for purchasing purposes.
• Fun: For some, going into a store with friends (or alone), being greeted by a member of the customer service team, and trying on items is therapeutic, or a group activity. Online shopping does not allow for many of these aspects.