November 24, 2017

Scams to Watch Out for This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, which brings lots of joy, but can also bring vicious scams and theft. Here are a few scams that you should be particularly on the lookout for.

1) Black Friday Shopping Deals

Some Black Friday deals are so good that they seem almost unbelievable. Sometimes that may actually be the case. You may receive an email containing information about a sale that you might be interested in. Thieves are creating replicas of popular company websites and stealing customer information. To avoid this scam, it is best to visit the company’s direct website for your shopping needs and current deals.

2) Holiday E-card Scam

Some relatives or loved ones prefer to send electronic holiday cards via email. These e-cards are nice gestures, but for identity thieves, this scam is a classic. Once you click on the provided link to view the card, you are greeted with spyware, pop-up ads, viruses, etc. Use caution when opening e-cards.

3) Gift Cards

The past few years, gift cards have become an increasingly popular holiday gift. Most cards have a security code that is covered by a scratch-off bar. If there is nothing protecting the card number or security code, scammers will record the numbers and continuously check the balance, via an 800 number, until the card is purchased. After the card is activated, scammers will empty the card balance before it can be used. Be sure that the gift card you purchase is packaged or protected.

4) Charity Donation Scams

Some scammers pose as popular charities during the holidays. Avoid emails asking for donations and visit the direct website of the organization.