May 11, 2020

Streaming Binge: What To Watch Next

Since social distancing is now a major part of our lives in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people are spending more time inside their homes. Extroverts are dismayed about not leaving the house, while secretly introverts are gearing up for what they have prepared for. 

This is the perfect time to kick back, relax, grab yourself some popcorn, and binge watch all those shows you don’t have time for. Let’s be honest, you want to know the hype behind Netflix’s “Love is Blind”. These are shows we recommend you start watching immediately.

The Circle US (Available on Netflix)

If you’re into Big Brother or literally any other reality TV show, this might be the show for you. Within the show, the contestants can’t use any form of technology other than “The Circle” that transcribes their messages to text like you would on a social media app. Contestants are allowed to perceive themselves as who they choose to be through their profile. Along the way to the finale, each member plays games and chats with others apart of the Circle. They compete for the chance to be a top influencer, which can be done by each member of the group. Only the top influencers of the Circle are given the power to “block” one person from the Circle chat, which eliminates them from the rest of the game.

Containment (Available on Netflix)

While the current pandemic isn’t scary enough, this show follows an outbreak in Atlanta. The city splits into two sides: the quarantined and the ones fighting to stay healthy. This show follows many lives during the outbreak, such as a doctor, a pregnant teen, police officer, and  a CDC researcher. While this outbreak shows symptoms worse than COVID-19, it portrays the panic and disorder caused by an epidemic. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Available on Hulu) 

NYPD’s detective Jake Peralta is a good enough cop that never had to follow the rules closely or work hard. Throughout his entire career, he’s had the best arrest record among his colleagues – and he makes that known. It’s not until his new commanding officer, Captain Raymond Holt, reminds this self-assured cop to honor the badge. This workplace comedy isn’t all about the job – it’s about the people behind the badge doing absolutely normal things while protecting the city of Brooklyn.  

Jack Ryan (Available on Amazon Prime)

This story follows a CIA analyst, named Jack Ryan, that’s thrown into a dangerous field assignment. When he stumbles across suspicious activity of bank transfers, he searches for answers. As he reveals a pattern in terrorist communication throughout this project, it sends him to the center of an alarming gambit and he’s sent to play a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Onward (Available on Disney+)

Ian and Barley Lightfoot are two teenage elves who just want to bring their father, Wilden, back to life for one day. As a normal Pixar movie, you might say things don’t go exactly as planned. This causes the two to go on a wild adventure. Later in the film, Ian comes to realize that Barley has comforted him in ways Wildan couldn’t. The brothers move forward in lives and say goodbye to their father.