September 20, 2017

What Makes Us Different? Local Organizations vs. Big Corporations

Using services from big corporations can sometimes be the routine way to go when it comes to choosing what communication services your home or business will need. Large corporations seem to flood you with advertisements and unless you are informed, they can sometimes seem like your only option. One misconception is that large corporations have better product selection and quality. This is false. Local businesses have the same, if not better, products to choose from and great quality.

Besides the fact that your grandparents have used a local business for years, there are plenty of perks to going local; the first being customer care.

Let’s try an exercise. If you are currently using the services of a big corporation, try calling their customer service line right now. Did anyone pick up, or are you still listening to that monotone digital recording? If the answer is no, then you’ve just experienced the opposite of what you could be experiencing if you called us!

With local organizations, customer service is more personalized, hands-on, and noteworthy. Since we are smaller in size, our representatives have a more hands-on role within the organization than those of a larger corporation.

The second perk of going local is that local businesses have a hand in your community. With a local organization, you are not just another number. We have leaders within our organization that serve on numerous local boards and committees. We keep our giving and charity efforts within the community and since we are a local business, we also make it a point to support other local businesses.

Large corporations can deplete the local economy. Instead of growing the community, they can actually act as a vacuum, sucking money out of the area.

The types of products you can receive with a local business and large corporation may be comparable, but when it comes to the quality and care you’ll get from a local business, there is no comparison.