Eric Cramer, President & CEO

Welcome to the 64th Annual Meeting of the Members. As we gather for this annual meeting, I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the journey we’ve embarked on as part of our cooperative. It’s a privilege to spend this time together to reflect on our accomplishments and look ahead to the limitless potential that lies ahead.

Meeting Agenda

5:30pm Login and Pre-Show
6:00pm Meeting Begins

  • Call to Order
    Jimmie Church
  • Invocation
    Jerry Shepherd
  • Welcome
    Eric Cramer
  • Report on Existence of Quorum
    Bob Greene
  • Reading of Notice & Proof of Mailing
    Armit Tevepaugh
  • Minutes of 2022 Annual Meeting
    Jimmie Church
  • Report of Nomination Committee
    Scott Green
  • Board Chairman’s Report
    Jimmie Church
  • Review of Annual Report
    Eric Cramer
  • Adjournment
    Jimmie Church
  • Thank You & Member Prize Drawing
    Eric Cramer
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