Hosted Phone Systems

The hosted PBX solution will allow clients to break free from all the hassle and expense of setting up and maintaining a premise-based system without losing all the features and benefits. Features such as Auto Attendant, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, and the ability to connect multiple sites, allow clients to work more efficiently and effectively. The Hosted PBX will adapt to specific business needs by having access to a Web Portal to make basic changes anytime. Clients will be able to keep their current phone number when switching to our Hosted PBX. Clients get unlimited local and long-distance calls for one low monthly payment on a single bill.
Clients need a sufficient Internet Connection and we will schedule a site visit to determine the number of phones and equipment that will be needed. A hosted PBX is affordable for any client, large or small, but is ideal for businesses with 12 users or less. We can accommodate business needs from one line unlimited accounts to multi-line accounts.

Standard Features

  • Auto Attendants (IVR) – user-defined button presses or extension numbers to direct calls
  • Time-based Attendants – have calls flow to different destinations or messaging based on time of day
  • Attendant Recordings – record messaging from any handset, or upload professional recordings
  • Dynamic Attendant Recordings – define attendants that can be changed “on the fly” from anywhere
  • Holiday Attendants – create holiday schedules and apply them to any attendant
  • Ring Groups – define groups of phones that will ring when calls are directed at a department
  • Cascading Call Flow – have calls automatically flow down through groups and into queues or attendants
  • Blind Transfer – transfer a call directly to another user’s phone
  • Attended Transfer – place an incoming call on hold, call another user, then connect them to the call
  • Forward on No Answer – Forward calls to another user or a cell phone if the desk phone isn’t answered
  • Unconditional Forward – have incoming calls immediately forwarded to another user or a cell phone
  • Cell Phone Twinning – have incoming calls ring your desk phone and your cell phone simultaneously
  • Music/Messaging on Hold – upload any music or other digital audio files to play when callers are on hold Overhead Paging – easily interface to existing PA systems using inexpensive adapters
  • Call Parking – transfer incoming calls to parking slots to allow any phone to pick up the call
  • Key System Emulation – use shared line appearances to allow multiple phones to share a common line
  • Conference Calling – connect multiple calls together right from most IP phone models
  • Conference Bridge – create dial-in access for multiple outside or inside callers
  • Call Recording – define extensions that are always recorded, or start recording on any call on the fly
  • Combine Multiple Offices – connect IP phones or softphones to from anywhere in the world
  • Busy Lamp Fields – full support for IP phones equipped with extension monitoring lamps
  • Unlimited Voicemail – every extension user can have a personalized voicemail box
  • Voicemail to Email – voicemail recordings arrive in your email as soon as they are received
  • Easy Navigation – skip messages, fast-forward, rewind
  • Save Messages – create folders to save messages and sort them
  • Message Forwarding – forward messages to other users and add comments
  • Access Options – create a call-in number for employees to access the voicemail system, or create an option code from an attendant


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