Fiber Build Updates

RiverStreet Networks is working together with state and local officials across Amelia County, VA to make high-speed Internet a reality for the community. Using capital funds as well as grant funds from Amelia County, the Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI), and the FCC CAF II program, RiverStreet Networks plans to bring fiber Internet to unserved locations over the next several years. 

Fiber Build Update Video

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Benefits of Fiber

  • A reliable, high-quality connection
  • Unlimited Internet usage (no data limits!)
  • A future proofed home for technology
  • Less vulnerability to glitches or interference–even from weather!
  • Clearer phone conversations and reliable access to 911
  • Secure voice and data transmissions
  • Increased property values
  • Faster connection speeds for multiple devices at once

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