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Who is RiverStreet?

RiverStreet Networks began as an extension of Wilkes Communications, in Wilkes County, NC.  In 2018, RiverStreet merged with TriCounty Broadband. With a “better together” mindset, the companies combined resources and economies of scale that will improve delivery of high-speed internet, tv and phone services throughout the service area. Capitalizing on the more than six decades of experience RiverStreet Networks will strive to connect more communities to the most advanced technologies available, ensuring these areas have access to broadband and can compete in a global economy. The employees of RiverStreet believe that access to high-speed internet is a key component to a thriving community and work hard every day to provide outstanding service to families and businesses throughout the region.

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What is Fiber?

Fiber optic is a state-of-the-art technology that uses bundles of glass threads to transmit information as light signals.  A fiber optic network has the ability to carry much more information than traditional copper wire networks.

In copper networks, information is passed along as electrical signals, which can cause interference within the bundle of wiring.  The light signals in a fiber do not interfere with other fibers in that bundle allowing for clearer phone conversations, faster internet connections, and sharper TV reception.  Because fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provides the fastest internet available, you can transfer large packets of information quickly and with ease.

Overbuilding a copper network with a state of the art fiber optic network takes time and planning.  RiverStreet Networks is committed to ensuring that you have connections to the things that matter most.  With speeds of up to 1 Gig available on an all FTTH network, you will soon have access to a very impressive and celebrated digital life.

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

RiverStreet Networks fixed wireless towers beam a signal via radio waves to a transmitter installed outside of the home or business. Fixed wireless internet is a high-speed, reliable internet service for rural and underserved areas.